Friday, November 30, 2007

Colbert v Oreilly

This was funny, with the intent not to be! Oreilly invited Stephan Colbert for an interview, which is pretty interesting since on Colbert Report, he basically mocks Oreilly on his show daily. This was great to watch, Colbert basically even burned him on his own show! But it showed how different types of reporting there is out there. Television is one of the main sources for people to retrieve information. The media has so much controll over people's life, and no one even realizes that. If it doesnt get shown on television, or written about in a newspaper or online, then people dont get correctly inform. The media, being a newscast/report or whatnot, has major influence on our lives. This interview, showed how vastly different media can portray anything. For instance, it is easy to see now how viewers of Oreilly factor have different political orientations that those nightly viewers of the Colbery Report.

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