Monday, November 12, 2007

Episcopals and Gays

I am 21 years old, and i have lived my whole life going to an Episcopal Church. Although over the last few years we dont go as much except holidays, and i have been questioning my actual beliefs, i still like how the episcopal church works. When i made my confirmation in 10th grade, i remeber my reverend telling me that our church tendsto be the most open minded Christian sect. After reading articles and doing my paper on the gay Bishop issues in the episcopal church, i am ashamed how certain dioceses have acted. I am proud to see we are the first to have Gay Bishops, and to not be afriad to do so. As a recent article i read on the issue, even more churches are threatening to seperate and begin a new sector. i think its a disgrace, to the church and to be so ignorant to having homosexual bishops. The La times has had many articles regarding this topic and has remained very neutral.The article i just read explains how the church is still split on this issue, and unfortunately there doesnt seem an end in site to the split.
this is the article:

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