Wednesday, November 7, 2007

United States of Christians

Is that an American Flag?! NO I decided Bush is the President of the United States of Christians. Instead of Stars, that can symbolically represent freedom, lets replace that with crosses. I find this hilarious. Bush has led the Christian right, and is giving them a political lead on what policies can be pushed to the max before people question it. Bush is so proud of his religion, he always announces how he is a proud Christian, because he was a "lost soul" before, you know with all of his drugs and every thing. But i guess if you say you have "found" God, you can do anything. "Hey kids, go do drugs and dodge this war i create, because if you give yourself to Jesus you can be president too!" ... I think thats the message this cartoon is headed with. But its only if you find Jesus. Any other God will be tolerated, but not really accepted. Notice its crosses not stars of david, possibly because Bush's belief that Democra-jesus is the only right way to govern...... i find this just as totalitarian as countries based off Islamic laws.

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