Wednesday, November 14, 2007


TBN is the leading Televangelist network. The network allows preachers to come on and preach and ask for monetary contributions in order to listen to prayers and to "pimp" out faith. The network though is increasingly becoming controversial. What are these people using all this money for? and Why do they always need to be asking for more and more?

Faces of the Lord? Nah, i think these are faces of evil scammers instead. Even After the gay scandal, people still follow the Crouch's. These people preach that God will only listen to prayers if you send them money. well im broke, why cant i go on tv and tell people god will listen to them if they send me money?! Because its something called a soul, and these two who live in the luxury of multi billionair lifestyles, dont have one. The problem is because these so called shows on TBN and preachers are a "church" , the government can not really get involved. and although i am all for seperation , i think the government or some entity needs to out these frauds. and end televangelism which somewhat contributes to the Religious Right.

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