Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Now I cant decide what part of the class this cartoon might fit with? Actually i think all! People wont allow gay marraige cause of their religious views , and the media is making it more possible for the country to see protests against and for this. Why is gay marriage such a controvesy? Why is Abortion such a controversy? First off, gay marriage is two peoples personal feelings for eachother. Them deciding to spend the rest of their life together, just like any other man and woman couple do. Why is it ok for the government to regulate who gets to legally declare love? I am a straight girl, in a relationship, in which i fully tend to get married one day. And i know i would be mad if there were laws telling me i couldnt marry the person i love because its against religious views. Also, if it is my body, why is it ok to allow lawmakers to propose laws based on THEIR religion? I think these are perfect examples of why religion needs to not be in government issues and lawmaking.

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