Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Does it matter?

Barack Obama is one of the main contending candidates the Democrats have. I am a registered democrat, but i do not think he will have my vote in the primaries. Although his appearence and background does not bother me, i worry that less educated, people, primarely in the South will not see that. I think that those people will only see a half-black man, but they will see his middle name, Hussain. A Muslim resembled name. Unfortunate as it is, im afraid people might connect that name and his color tone and see him as not a good option for President and will vote for any one else, especially a white, no matter how many not benificial programs that person might offer. I think its sad to say that, but i do think many people in our country are not educated enough to make these decisions on their own. They will rely on the media. If Obama is the Democratic canidate, its a good chance the Republicans will use these things in commercials against him. They will also target those points at the less educated, and geniusly pick timeslots and stations that that demographic will be more likely to watch. Hopefully though if he is, people will be smart enough to go to his site or make up there own minds about him.

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