Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A debate at home

So i was Watching the news the other night with my family and my boyfriend. I believe it was on CBS and it was a report about the protestors who are trying to get rid of the "DONT ASK, DONT TELL" policy in the United States Military. It showed Speeches of former military commanders, and how over 12,000 people have been kicked out because oftheir sexuality.

This started a debate. Me and My sister strongly agreed with what ws being said and to get rid of that policy. however, my mom and boyfriend did not. My boyfriend happens to be a Sargent in the Army, and he has a gay brother. He is not against homosexuals at all, he just says it would be easier in the Army if you do not allow homosexuals, because the other guys/girls would not be comfortable with it and it is alot more easier to say no to one, then to change 30,000. I just think this issue is becoming more than it should be. I dont see why gays cant be in the army. They should have an equal right to serve their country, to get money for education, and health benifits.

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