Friday, November 30, 2007

Oreilly, Bush, and Jesus

Religion will somehow always find its way into politics as long as people allow it too. O reilly and the Fox news have reported on how Bush is some how a God send. He is the leader of the USA and the republican party, the party that believers are apart of. All the "nonbelievers" must be other political parties. News reports such as the Oreilly factor have created the sense that Bush is simply a religious man, and if you were religious too, you would be behind Bush, other wise you must be secular and therefore an athiests! I think the theory that Oreilly promotes is unfair to those Christians who happen to be Democrats or independents, etc. I would honestly like to know when Jesus decided to join the republican political party. I understand that there might always be a hint of bias in journalism, but Oreilly's interview shown here, is obviously biased. Relying on media like this, there is no wonder why the religious right is so powerfull and growing.

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