Friday, November 30, 2007

Christopher Hitchens and Al Sharpton have a political conversaion after a question is asked about how come after so much demise, is religion growing? The question asker, says how his brother in law is a US Airforce Chaplain. Hitchens actually makes a good point i never thought about. He says the government should not employ chaplians. I never actually pondered that thought before. but he argued that the government should not pay for religous guidance because that impedes religion into government.
However, Al Sharpton didnt really answer the question well. After Hitchen's goes on again, he says how no religion has ever answered the question of "why". Why has all this/etc happen? I think Hitchens gives ingenious answers. He honestly opened my eyes to this topic, and i never would have thought of some in the particular way. His book, "God isnt Great" will probably worth a look!

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