Monday, November 5, 2007

Aftermath of sex scandals

Although, many were not aware of the scandals among the public, it was well known throughout the higherarchy of the church. The Church paid out much to cover up this huge scandal. However, i think money can only do so much, and the molested individuals needed to emotionally heal. The Los Angeles county allowed a lapse of time to come forward of incidences. over 500,000 came forward. Thats more than a scandal, that a major problem! Although much money was dispersed, a few dioceses had to declare bankrupcy. These scandals made it very had to rely on crediability of those who sponsor or support the catholic church. For instance, those non prosecuting prosecutors, sat back and did nothing, which should be taken as a crime in itself. Again, if it was not for the media in all of this, the scandals would never have been so crushing to the church, and so many would still be suffering.

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