Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kucinich = Yes, Dodd= semi Yes

To Continute the Gay Marraige debate, Representative Kucinich would allow gay MARRIAGE, where as Senator Dodd, does support full gay rights, but only a civil unions. He argues marriagie is for a man and a woman, but they should still be treated with equal rights and abilities to be unionized. This makes me wonder my own beliefs on the issues. I have always said i support gay marraige, and i do. But im starting to think marriage would be a hard thing to get a general consenses. i think it would still be good to at least push civil unions, if marriages might never pass, then at least unions. This honestly makes me giggle a bit. Because it is all in the saying of one word, "marriage". Its all because of that single word interpretation, however, we allow straight people to take advantage of the meaning of "marriage" i dont see why the government should be incontrol of who gets married and who doesnt any way, when everyone is arguing that marriage is a sacred RELIGIOUS word.

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