Friday, November 2, 2007

Seperation of church & state really gone?

In this clip, Bill Maher, discusses with Craig Ferguson, and two others, about Mormonism and its crediablity. They are in this topic in response to Mitt Romney. Craig said something very interesting, he said isnt it there a seperation of church. And Bill Maher said, not any more! it made me think....Is the seperation of church and state really gone? Sometimes i really think so. There is so much concentration on religion in policy making that i think the line that seperates is diminishing. Its actually kind of scary thinking that religion is basically controlling how the goverment works. Major issues are being affected such as abortion, gay rights, seperation issues (like pray in school), etc. all becaue people are becomming fanatical and resulting to different religions for everything. But is the seperation of church and state really gone? or was it never there? Im also considering the fact that maybe the seperation was never really taken seriously. People think that this country was founded on religion and christianity, yet no one realize the founding fathers saw the hypocracy in religion, and thats why there is an emphasis on seperation. However, i dont think the diminishing line is all that new. I think is been around since even the early 1900s, with laws like prohibition and not legalizing abortion. yet all this was overturned, the people who brought religion into politics isnt new.

The clip shows them discussing Mormanism, and how Bill Maher says all religions are ridiculus. But Mormanism is alot harder to believe. and there are ways to discredit it, so why should we trust Mormans and their beliefs?

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