Saturday, October 27, 2007

Like he says, Regulate It

Bill Maher comedically makes a great point on how religion is the main problem in the world. People want to regulate drugs and crime, but religion is what causes the most casualties. Maybe if so many people weren't fanatical on believing such "stories" then less mayhem would really occur. Religion needs to be regulated. i agree. Especially when it comes to impeding on politics. If people weren't always so concerned with what other people's religion is and fighting for the concept that "their God" is "THE" God, then maybe the country, and the world, could work on issues that really matter for human survival.

In context of the United States, religion is more recently to involved in decision making. Our President is a bible thumping advocate, and tries to politically promote Christianity. I just think that in recent years in America, religion is comming to close to government for comfort, and it needs to take major steps back.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


After all the controversy with A.G. Alberto Gonzales, i stumbled across this cartoon. I found it funny. The testimonial of firing "all non-Christian employees" and keeping his faithness funded in the political spectrem...
hmm last time, again, i looked, the Federal (and state) government can't base employment or any other aspects of a job on religion. Gonzales and his right-winged, Christian Right followers just got caught.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep your Laws of MY body

Abortion is a big issue in the political debates. Some argue it is the woman's choice (like decided in Roe v Wade) yet others say that was a bad law, and that unborn children need to be protected by the constitution.

Where does Religion play in all this? Everywhere.... Religious belifes help individuals decide what they believe on certain issues, Abortion is a main one hit affects. politicians use their personal religous beliefs in determing to support or oppose abortion rights. How is that ok? Those who oppose are bringing religion into politics. They are using their "faith" to guide them. And last time i looked, religion is suppose to be far away from politics.

In 2008 election candidates, all the Democrats support abortion rights. Guilliani is the only Republican who openly support abortion rights.

Monday, October 15, 2007

All Hail the Mormon?

As the elections for 2008 come closer, a republican is making news. Mitt Romney, is surprisingly doing well in the polls and debates. I am a democrat but i am interested in how he is doing because of his religious annotations. He is a proud morman. Now to me, mormanism is a strange (mainly cause it is foreign to me) religion,and i think that is what will defer his chances to become president.

Does he have enough charisma to make religion not an issue?


I dont think he can. JFK was catholic, and that was an issue, but Catholicism is not an extreme sector of Christianity as most people think Mormanism is. Even if Mitt can try to convince his religion is not a factor about him becoming president, i still think the ignorant people in the country would not see that, and would be very much against, because of his religion.
I dont think the "All Hail The Chief" will be playing for a Morman in 2008.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Kingdom

Last night I went and watched the movie "The Kingdom". I have kept pretty up to date with the war in Iraq, and the oil reasons why Saudi Arabia has stayed as an "ally" with us. The movie really depicted how fundalmentalist play war. I know ive heard it, but this movie was one of the best to show it for this war. They shot at innocent people (an american compound section that was secured) to distract for the suicide bomber. After each one of them died, they yelled "in the name of allah" . They killed over 400 people, and just like in 9/11 , all in the name of Allah. I dont see how killing in the name of a God seems right? I understand that Western views are different then those lifestlyes in the Middle East, and that people have always killed in the name of their God, from all religions. I just find that the Muslim Fundalmentalist of today are making it a political issue and taking it to extremes to kill innocent people. It seems that life has to be their way or no way. And if thats the way they want it, then we should leave them alone. allow them to leave there if they want, but pull out of there, they dont want us there. but the only thing that bugs me about that, and the movie, at the end , the Jamie Fox's character said he told the group that what he wishpered in the beginning to console his friend was " wre going to kill them all"...but then it flashed to Saudi Arabia and the guy who had planned it, when he was dying he wispered into his grandsons ear and said "were going to kill them all".....

very interesting