Friday, October 5, 2007

The Kingdom

Last night I went and watched the movie "The Kingdom". I have kept pretty up to date with the war in Iraq, and the oil reasons why Saudi Arabia has stayed as an "ally" with us. The movie really depicted how fundalmentalist play war. I know ive heard it, but this movie was one of the best to show it for this war. They shot at innocent people (an american compound section that was secured) to distract for the suicide bomber. After each one of them died, they yelled "in the name of allah" . They killed over 400 people, and just like in 9/11 , all in the name of Allah. I dont see how killing in the name of a God seems right? I understand that Western views are different then those lifestlyes in the Middle East, and that people have always killed in the name of their God, from all religions. I just find that the Muslim Fundalmentalist of today are making it a political issue and taking it to extremes to kill innocent people. It seems that life has to be their way or no way. And if thats the way they want it, then we should leave them alone. allow them to leave there if they want, but pull out of there, they dont want us there. but the only thing that bugs me about that, and the movie, at the end , the Jamie Fox's character said he told the group that what he wishpered in the beginning to console his friend was " wre going to kill them all"...but then it flashed to Saudi Arabia and the guy who had planned it, when he was dying he wispered into his grandsons ear and said "were going to kill them all".....

very interesting

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