Friday, November 30, 2007

Colbert v Oreilly

This was funny, with the intent not to be! Oreilly invited Stephan Colbert for an interview, which is pretty interesting since on Colbert Report, he basically mocks Oreilly on his show daily. This was great to watch, Colbert basically even burned him on his own show! But it showed how different types of reporting there is out there. Television is one of the main sources for people to retrieve information. The media has so much controll over people's life, and no one even realizes that. If it doesnt get shown on television, or written about in a newspaper or online, then people dont get correctly inform. The media, being a newscast/report or whatnot, has major influence on our lives. This interview, showed how vastly different media can portray anything. For instance, it is easy to see now how viewers of Oreilly factor have different political orientations that those nightly viewers of the Colbery Report.

Oreilly, Bush, and Jesus

Religion will somehow always find its way into politics as long as people allow it too. O reilly and the Fox news have reported on how Bush is some how a God send. He is the leader of the USA and the republican party, the party that believers are apart of. All the "nonbelievers" must be other political parties. News reports such as the Oreilly factor have created the sense that Bush is simply a religious man, and if you were religious too, you would be behind Bush, other wise you must be secular and therefore an athiests! I think the theory that Oreilly promotes is unfair to those Christians who happen to be Democrats or independents, etc. I would honestly like to know when Jesus decided to join the republican political party. I understand that there might always be a hint of bias in journalism, but Oreilly's interview shown here, is obviously biased. Relying on media like this, there is no wonder why the religious right is so powerfull and growing.

Christopher Hitchens and Al Sharpton have a political conversaion after a question is asked about how come after so much demise, is religion growing? The question asker, says how his brother in law is a US Airforce Chaplain. Hitchens actually makes a good point i never thought about. He says the government should not employ chaplians. I never actually pondered that thought before. but he argued that the government should not pay for religous guidance because that impedes religion into government.
However, Al Sharpton didnt really answer the question well. After Hitchen's goes on again, he says how no religion has ever answered the question of "why". Why has all this/etc happen? I think Hitchens gives ingenious answers. He honestly opened my eyes to this topic, and i never would have thought of some in the particular way. His book, "God isnt Great" will probably worth a look!

Teddy Bear Muhammad

In November, a British teacher was convicted in a Sudanese court for insulting Islam. The teacher allowed children to name a teddy bear Muhammad. The Islamic world, and the Sudanese government lashed out at this because they said it defamed the name of Muhammad, the holy prophet. Gillian Gibson, the teacher, claimed it was not to insult, and that she saw no harm in it since many men of the faith have that name. The courts sentenced her to 15 days in court, and then deportation. Which is alot less then the 40 lashes the court originaly sought to get.

The reaction to this seems to be ridiculous. I understand that Muslims take the name of the prophet meaningful, but where is there real harm in children naming a toy Muhammad? After all, Gibson made a good point, many men are named Muhammad, but that is not taken as an insult. The Sudanese government should not be so concernced with the name of a child's toy, and concentrate on the real problems that country has, perhaps like issues in Darfur! I just think the Islamic groups and governments have taken things way out of proportion. You would not see a democratic, primarily Christian, country imprison someone because they name a doll Jesus!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bush, Religion, and politics

As i was searching for Religion and politic type of videos, i thought this one was interesting. This video of President Bush, talking about politics, and relating war on terrorism, all with references to religion. listening to this, i wonder, is Bush one of the main reasons that the seperation between church and state is vanishing? In this video, he comes across as a preacher, not a leader of the free world. Bushs wars are basically based off of his christian/democratic fundalmentalism.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joe Biden

Joe Biden was discussing about the American Gospel. And how there is a mischaraterization about the connection of religion in accordance to civil rights and the constitution. He explains how its not just his specific beliefs, and he does not have a problem to seperate his religious beliefs and his role as a President. He thinks civil rights are from God? But he said he will fully be able to protect all religions, athiests, etc. This clip is actually kind of confusing to me. I dont think seems to be a very relaible place for the information.

One more Time

SO i decided, to talk about religion in school one more time! I guess its just one of those topics that bothers me alot. Ive noticed that the media doesn't tend to report on this issue that much at all. The religious right is continuously trying to push religion and God back into public schools, and people dont realize this, and that they are coming close to suceeding. I dont understand why no one in the media is outing this problem. Maybe it wont be something to fear if more people were aware of this bombardment.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bush to the right the right, right right right!

When the 2004 election with the incumbant president ended with another "victory" for Bush, it was more along the lines of another victory for the Religious Right. This gave Bush another 4 years open the door for religion in the walls of the United States government. I really think it is a shame that the citizens of america have just rolled over and allowed the NeoCon Christians to take over the government. The 2008 election will mostly end this, but then it might just be causing the country to be going in a fast pendalum swing between neoconservatives and liberals. it might even cause more of a divide in America between Right and Left, and BLue and Red States

Monday, November 26, 2007

As i have mentioned before, i am afraid that the religious right will have a take over again. This terrifies me! Looking at the polls though however, it does not seem very confident that this will happen!! yay! America has finally woken up! and is finally realizing that GOD can not be President! That means God can not be the factors that a President will use to determine policy. I find it so interesting how Bush always claims to be so Christian, yet, the things that have happened during his "reign" are very diabolical!

I think its time to say Bye Bye to the Devil!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A debate at home

So i was Watching the news the other night with my family and my boyfriend. I believe it was on CBS and it was a report about the protestors who are trying to get rid of the "DONT ASK, DONT TELL" policy in the United States Military. It showed Speeches of former military commanders, and how over 12,000 people have been kicked out because oftheir sexuality.

This started a debate. Me and My sister strongly agreed with what ws being said and to get rid of that policy. however, my mom and boyfriend did not. My boyfriend happens to be a Sargent in the Army, and he has a gay brother. He is not against homosexuals at all, he just says it would be easier in the Army if you do not allow homosexuals, because the other guys/girls would not be comfortable with it and it is alot more easier to say no to one, then to change 30,000. I just think this issue is becoming more than it should be. I dont see why gays cant be in the army. They should have an equal right to serve their country, to get money for education, and health benifits.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Now I cant decide what part of the class this cartoon might fit with? Actually i think all! People wont allow gay marraige cause of their religious views , and the media is making it more possible for the country to see protests against and for this. Why is gay marriage such a controvesy? Why is Abortion such a controversy? First off, gay marriage is two peoples personal feelings for eachother. Them deciding to spend the rest of their life together, just like any other man and woman couple do. Why is it ok for the government to regulate who gets to legally declare love? I am a straight girl, in a relationship, in which i fully tend to get married one day. And i know i would be mad if there were laws telling me i couldnt marry the person i love because its against religious views. Also, if it is my body, why is it ok to allow lawmakers to propose laws based on THEIR religion? I think these are perfect examples of why religion needs to not be in government issues and lawmaking.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Lesser Evil

As the 2008 elections come closer, as a Democrat, i am kind of scared that the Religious Right will continue again and have a candidate they support to be the Republican 2008 candidate. After looking at some research and reports, i think the lesser of all the republican evils will be Rudy Guilianni. Rudy Guilianni is actually pretty moderate, and is not really that bad of a candidate. However, as to the left depicts, the Religious Right will NOT let him become the candidate. They will try their hardest to not allow him to get the votes. After all, him supporting abortion, he must be working for the Devil! Oh no, wait, he doesn't really work for Bush!

Friday, November 16, 2007

A little more scandal

SO I couldn't resist to post this picture to go with all of the insight i left earlier about the Catholic Church Sex Scandal. I think this cartoon says it all almost though. Ive read how the American government has helped to cover it up, and how the Vatican is trying to bend over backwards to go with the US right now. The scandals however, will not be forgiven just like that, and having Uncle Sam actually in the confessional is an interesting idea.

Prayer in school

I have been reading a bit of articles related to Prayer in school. and I dont see why they would want to re introduce prayer to school. Why are people fighting so hard to get prayer back into school? prayer in school only targets Christians and leaves all other religions or athiests as outcasts. That is not suitable environment for a school.

Oh China-mas Tree

THe Christmas checklist is more and more true with all these toy recalls because of things made in China. Maybe this problem wouldnt be happening if companies wouldnt be outsourcing to China for cheap labor to make out childrens' toys to put under christmas trees! Our companies need to bring our labor back to America. And have America made products. It would employ OUR people. and possibly be safer. hmm great medicine to improve our economy i think.

Muhammed the Cartoon

The Islamic world does not believe in putting their prophet of Allah in any form except spiritual and in words. No illustration statues etc. This would lead to idol worship. But since the Muslim religion is so private, a danish journalist, decided to hire 12 artists to depict Muhammed in cartoon form. This was extremely controversial. An out break of threats came about, and the artists were in danger.
I think this is completely wrong. Why cant people depict Muhammed? They Depict Jesus all the time. I think that Muslims over reacted to this situation and needed to just get over it. If you cant handle ridicule but can ridicule others' religion that is not right .

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Mockery of the Religious RIght and how the world views them is continuously growing. This cartoon is showing heirarchy and the political pyramid that GOP candidates are climbing to get the blessing from the Religious Right. It is completely discrediting the way our political system works having these "Godly People"

In this cartoon, its interesting to see that Mitt is the one boxing up Muslims, wait American Muslims. He is consealing them in a container saying there religion is the problem! Yet his religion is one of the most critized ones out there. Thats probably why, a fellow christian is trying to box HIM up, and ship him and the Muslims out. Maybe its not the Muslims that are the problem at all, maybe its these Chrsitians that keep thinking, there way or get boxed away!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rumsfield the Muslim

At first when i saw this cartoon i wasnt sure if it was really blaming the Muslims in part, or just the Admistration employees. Yes there are many Muslims with Anti-American sentiments. But i do not blame that at all. Like this cartoon suggests, Rumsfeld must be a muslim then if muslims are the only reason for anti- american feelings. Its interesting to see that the guy who suggests that is reading a paper with the headlines that refers to the Abu Ghraib scandal. The Scandal in which is the treatment of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib by American troops. But are Muslims really responsible for Anti-American feelings? How? Wouldnt Americans be Anti-middle Easterners if a country like Iraq or Iran invaded in the name to create a theocracy? I believe we would be. Yes fundamentalist Muslims existed before American intervention in the Middle East in the 21st century, but it is no big suprise that the level has risen since America decided to invade the region and FORCE democracy upon them! Donald Rumsfield Being a Muslim and blaming him far Anti-American feelings is not so far fetched, well except the actual Islamic religious part!


TBN is the leading Televangelist network. The network allows preachers to come on and preach and ask for monetary contributions in order to listen to prayers and to "pimp" out faith. The network though is increasingly becoming controversial. What are these people using all this money for? and Why do they always need to be asking for more and more?

Faces of the Lord? Nah, i think these are faces of evil scammers instead. Even After the gay scandal, people still follow the Crouch's. These people preach that God will only listen to prayers if you send them money. well im broke, why cant i go on tv and tell people god will listen to them if they send me money?! Because its something called a soul, and these two who live in the luxury of multi billionair lifestyles, dont have one. The problem is because these so called shows on TBN and preachers are a "church" , the government can not really get involved. and although i am all for seperation , i think the government or some entity needs to out these frauds. and end televangelism which somewhat contributes to the Religious Right.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pimpin out god

The Televangelist are probably the biggest disgrace to Religion ever. These people are pure scam artists. They think that if you give money you can be healed. Sadly, people who are that desparete believe it so they have some form of hope. This clip is an example of how people pimp out God and the TBN television station. But can you really pimp out God and spirituality? Isnt that morally wrong? I wonder how these people can actually fall asleep at night by telling innocent, easily manipulated people to give all of their money for a chance to have God listen to your prayers. Televangelists are now scamming on a new crowd, as discussed in class they are reaching out to the low income black communities.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Episcopals and Gays

I am 21 years old, and i have lived my whole life going to an Episcopal Church. Although over the last few years we dont go as much except holidays, and i have been questioning my actual beliefs, i still like how the episcopal church works. When i made my confirmation in 10th grade, i remeber my reverend telling me that our church tendsto be the most open minded Christian sect. After reading articles and doing my paper on the gay Bishop issues in the episcopal church, i am ashamed how certain dioceses have acted. I am proud to see we are the first to have Gay Bishops, and to not be afriad to do so. As a recent article i read on the issue, even more churches are threatening to seperate and begin a new sector. i think its a disgrace, to the church and to be so ignorant to having homosexual bishops. The La times has had many articles regarding this topic and has remained very neutral.The article i just read explains how the church is still split on this issue, and unfortunately there doesnt seem an end in site to the split.
this is the article:

This Cartoon is interesting, but it bashes democrats and makes it think republicans are all virgins before marriage. I think its not true that only republicans are the ones with family values. I dont think that is a good depiction. Is it just because Republicans tend to be Christians? Well if its a Christian thing to have family values, what about Catholics, who usually are Democrats? They have no values because they dont relate to the big ol elephant?! Also makes the Democrat look like he laughs in the face of those with family values, as he chuckles with a beer.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kucinich = Yes, Dodd= semi Yes

To Continute the Gay Marraige debate, Representative Kucinich would allow gay MARRIAGE, where as Senator Dodd, does support full gay rights, but only a civil unions. He argues marriagie is for a man and a woman, but they should still be treated with equal rights and abilities to be unionized. This makes me wonder my own beliefs on the issues. I have always said i support gay marraige, and i do. But im starting to think marriage would be a hard thing to get a general consenses. i think it would still be good to at least push civil unions, if marriages might never pass, then at least unions. This honestly makes me giggle a bit. Because it is all in the saying of one word, "marriage". Its all because of that single word interpretation, however, we allow straight people to take advantage of the meaning of "marriage" i dont see why the government should be incontrol of who gets married and who doesnt any way, when everyone is arguing that marriage is a sacred RELIGIOUS word.

He promises to not bring religion in the White house....

This is whats hard for me, John Edwards is the canidate that i choose to back. However, he opposes Gay marriage. I am for it. But like he says in the clip, his wife is for it also. The questioned asked at this debate was if you can use religion to deny gay marraige? And they preacher who asked, madea good point because it has been made clear religion couldnt defend things like slavery, etc. John Edwards does however say, even though it is his personal belief, he would not bring his religious views into his policy making if he was elected. He urges that religion does need to stay out of the White house, and Hopefully all future Presidential prospectives will keep it out.

Friday, November 9, 2007

gay marriage

Gay Marriage is one of the biggest controversy right now. This is a clip of what they are fighting for. I fully support Gay Marriage. I think it is there right as being Americans to live their lives as they please, not matter what their sexuality.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

web stumbling

While looking up stuff for this blog, i have stumbled across interesting websites. One in particular is
It is very interesting. Im not sure i buy into what it is saying, but among any thing else i found it interesting. The site is a whole new belief system. Its about how to figure out what really is the TRUTH. This site tells everyone to question what is normally accepted as religioun and science. It tells the reader to deny science and deny religion. That there are other ways to determine truths. Whether i am religious or not, i find this site a bit as fanatical as the religious extremists' it makes fun of. I have never heard of this site until then, but it definately intrigued me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

United States of Christians

Is that an American Flag?! NO I decided Bush is the President of the United States of Christians. Instead of Stars, that can symbolically represent freedom, lets replace that with crosses. I find this hilarious. Bush has led the Christian right, and is giving them a political lead on what policies can be pushed to the max before people question it. Bush is so proud of his religion, he always announces how he is a proud Christian, because he was a "lost soul" before, you know with all of his drugs and every thing. But i guess if you say you have "found" God, you can do anything. "Hey kids, go do drugs and dodge this war i create, because if you give yourself to Jesus you can be president too!" ... I think thats the message this cartoon is headed with. But its only if you find Jesus. Any other God will be tolerated, but not really accepted. Notice its crosses not stars of david, possibly because Bush's belief that Democra-jesus is the only right way to govern...... i find this just as totalitarian as countries based off Islamic laws.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The line must stay

"A union of government and religion tends to destroy government and degrade religion." Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Engel v. Vitale, (1962)

As mentioned earlier, i feel that the seperation of Church and State is slowly diminishing. I completely and fully agree with this quote. Actually i now thing this is the main topic i am trying to achieve in this blog site. That government and religion should never unionize. No matter what religion, it has absolutely no place in the hands of government. If religion is used to determine government, it would destory the entire concept of DEMOCRACY. you can not have democracy with religion. Im sorry but it will always lead to a sense of Theocracy if you allow religion. I do think religion needs to be thought as a seperate entity, not a part of American society. People also need to stop judging others just because they are or they are not religious people. Looking at this quote, it can easly be argued that it destorys government, because it doesnt not allow policy makers to think for themselves, but to be persuaded by religious views. It would degrade religion because it can unfairly choose certain religions as being more superior. and it would just point out certain hypocracies.

Does it matter?

Barack Obama is one of the main contending candidates the Democrats have. I am a registered democrat, but i do not think he will have my vote in the primaries. Although his appearence and background does not bother me, i worry that less educated, people, primarely in the South will not see that. I think that those people will only see a half-black man, but they will see his middle name, Hussain. A Muslim resembled name. Unfortunate as it is, im afraid people might connect that name and his color tone and see him as not a good option for President and will vote for any one else, especially a white, no matter how many not benificial programs that person might offer. I think its sad to say that, but i do think many people in our country are not educated enough to make these decisions on their own. They will rely on the media. If Obama is the Democratic canidate, its a good chance the Republicans will use these things in commercials against him. They will also target those points at the less educated, and geniusly pick timeslots and stations that that demographic will be more likely to watch. Hopefully though if he is, people will be smart enough to go to his site or make up there own minds about him.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Aftermath of sex scandals

Although, many were not aware of the scandals among the public, it was well known throughout the higherarchy of the church. The Church paid out much to cover up this huge scandal. However, i think money can only do so much, and the molested individuals needed to emotionally heal. The Los Angeles county allowed a lapse of time to come forward of incidences. over 500,000 came forward. Thats more than a scandal, that a major problem! Although much money was dispersed, a few dioceses had to declare bankrupcy. These scandals made it very had to rely on crediability of those who sponsor or support the catholic church. For instance, those non prosecuting prosecutors, sat back and did nothing, which should be taken as a crime in itself. Again, if it was not for the media in all of this, the scandals would never have been so crushing to the church, and so many would still be suffering.

Sex Scandals 101

The Catholic Sex scandals have been a big topic in class. I found it very fascinating to find out how the sex scandals were really handled. How can cops just looks the other way? I am astonished to find out that prosecuters were so intimidated to ever prosecute these priests. Its actually distgusiting the THOUSANDS of people molested by people they were suppose to be able to go to above all next to actual spirits (i.e. God). The media played out the sex scandals very well. It started to publicize all of the accounts that Priest had done. With out the media the priests still would have gotten away with it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Banned Cartoon by Mormons

This cartoon aparently has been banned by the Mormon church. It is suppose to be explaining the religious beliefs of the Mormons. However, it does nothing but make people think its a joke! This cartoon is made as if it was in the 70s and has no respect for the religion. But it does create the sense that Mormonism is a fraud. But doesnt it make you wonder what if more cartoons were made like this to uncover the fraudualism in other religions? If religion is full of so much hypocracy than no wonder it is the main cause of so much destruction, it confuses its own followers!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sorry God, but stay out of my school

"A Congress that allows God to be banned from our schools while our schools can teach about cults, Hitler and even devil worship is wrong, out of touch, and needs some common sense." Rep. James Traficant, (D-OH) 1999-APR-27

I completely and fully disagree with this quote. Why shouldnt God be banned from schools? Teaching about things like Hitler, is HISTORY, thats not teaching devil woship! Hitler a modern history figure, whether he did stuff good or bad, he still greatly influenced the world, and needs to be taught. But GOD? There is no proof, no direct evidence of any thing. How can you teach in school about something that is not prooven after the age of enlightenment and science has urged to rely on evidence for truth and what to teach. If we were to allow teaching God and other religions in public schools, and public schools are funded and a part of government (in a sense) , it would basically destroy the line that seperated church and state. This could be the demise of our whole political system

Seperation of church & state really gone?

In this clip, Bill Maher, discusses with Craig Ferguson, and two others, about Mormonism and its crediablity. They are in this topic in response to Mitt Romney. Craig said something very interesting, he said isnt it there a seperation of church. And Bill Maher said, not any more! it made me think....Is the seperation of church and state really gone? Sometimes i really think so. There is so much concentration on religion in policy making that i think the line that seperates is diminishing. Its actually kind of scary thinking that religion is basically controlling how the goverment works. Major issues are being affected such as abortion, gay rights, seperation issues (like pray in school), etc. all becaue people are becomming fanatical and resulting to different religions for everything. But is the seperation of church and state really gone? or was it never there? Im also considering the fact that maybe the seperation was never really taken seriously. People think that this country was founded on religion and christianity, yet no one realize the founding fathers saw the hypocracy in religion, and thats why there is an emphasis on seperation. However, i dont think the diminishing line is all that new. I think is been around since even the early 1900s, with laws like prohibition and not legalizing abortion. yet all this was overturned, the people who brought religion into politics isnt new.

The clip shows them discussing Mormanism, and how Bill Maher says all religions are ridiculus. But Mormanism is alot harder to believe. and there are ways to discredit it, so why should we trust Mormans and their beliefs?