Saturday, October 27, 2007

Like he says, Regulate It

Bill Maher comedically makes a great point on how religion is the main problem in the world. People want to regulate drugs and crime, but religion is what causes the most casualties. Maybe if so many people weren't fanatical on believing such "stories" then less mayhem would really occur. Religion needs to be regulated. i agree. Especially when it comes to impeding on politics. If people weren't always so concerned with what other people's religion is and fighting for the concept that "their God" is "THE" God, then maybe the country, and the world, could work on issues that really matter for human survival.

In context of the United States, religion is more recently to involved in decision making. Our President is a bible thumping advocate, and tries to politically promote Christianity. I just think that in recent years in America, religion is comming to close to government for comfort, and it needs to take major steps back.

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